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What we believe

Being parents and teachers, we know how important your child and their future are to you!

Redwood Scholars Tuition are independent educational centres where a friendly team of qualified and experienced teachers provide support to students who need help to become independent and successful learners, whatever their age and aim.  We strive to build confidence, raise self-esteem and motivation through knowledge and skills development.  As teachers and Montessori philosophy followers, we strongly believe that children are naturally inquisitive and wish to learn.  It is just that happy and well guided students do it quicker, enjoy it more and, overall, achieve better results.

At Redwood Scholars we work with bespoke resources as well as carefully selected range of supplementary teaching materials to give our students the best learning experience during their 80 minute tutoring sessions, classes for home schooled students or Montessori workshops.  All our resources are up-to-date and reflect current requirements of early years, primary and secondary school curriculum.

To ensure success, our teachers explore psychology behind children - their behaviours, learning journeys as well as emotional and social development.  Education and learning are an enormous entity which requires a great deal of skill to impart knowledge to others successfully.  This is why we make sure that our teachers are professionals who share our passion for discovering and developing potentials in every child who attends our centres.

Being OFSTED registered as a child care provider, we follow OFSTED guidlines for policies and best practice to ensure safety, security and high quality provision for all our students. All our tutors are DBS checked. This not only should give you peace of mind but also save you money as there are schemes available to contribute to the cost of your child attending our centres (their availability will depend on your individual circumstances).

Get in touch on: 01777 854343 (Retford Centre), 01302 943274 (Doncaster Centre) or send us an email by clicking this button:

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Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)