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English and Maths classes for home schooled children

Redwood Scholars Tuition offers structured English and Maths morning programmes for students who don't attend school on a regular basis and are taught at home.  Our classes are organised in age relevant groups with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 students attending twice a week for 3 hours in the mornings.  

The main purpose of our classes is to provide educational support, close any knowledge gaps and develop individual academic strengths in each student.  Due to the small size, our classes offer very friendly, individually focused and enriching educational experience for all children. 

Students are taught in mixed age groups:

  • Year 1 to Year 3
  • Year 4 to Year 6
  • Year 7 to Year 9
  • Year 10 and 11 (GCSE preparation classes)
Students attending our classes have an opportunity to experience working as part of a peer group, become self-motivated, confident and better in independent learning.  They learn how to express/share opinions in front of others, conquer examination anxiety and much more...

The classes take place term-time only and a student must be enrolled for a minimum of one term.  If your child has special education needs, please, get in touch to discuss if we can help - decision will be based on your child's individual circumstances.

Classes for Home Schooled Children

Call us on 01777 854343 (Retford Centre), 01302 943274 (Doncaster Centre) 

or send us an email by clicking a button below:

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What our students/parents are saying

Thank you so much for teaching me and giving me more confidence and understanding in Maths.  

I have really enjoyed it, so a great, big thank you!

Ruby, Year 7