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"Dyslexia is not a pigeonhole to say you cannot do anything.  It's an opportunity and possibility to learn differently.  You have magical brains, they just process differently.  Don't feel you should be held back by it."

Her Royal Highness Princes Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York

Dyslexia Screening and Tutoring

Available to students age 7 and above

At Redwood Scholars we provide a dyslexia screening to help identify areas of concern and develop support programme that addresses individual needs of your child with dyslexic tendencies.

There are so many elements that make a proficient English language user: from phonics (sounds) and their corresponding grapheme (letters), word blending, sight words, punctuation, reading for meaning (comprehension).  Then, when it comes to writing it all down, students need to engage their hand-eye co-ordination to form letters, whilst thinking about the purpose of their writing, constructing varied sentences with adjectives, adverbs, clauses and subordinate clauses....  The skills required can be 

a minefield, and many children have difficulties grasping these concepts.

Sometimes there may be a specific learning difficulty which is preventing a student from making the progress we would usually expect - this is when identifying and addressing the dyslexic tendencies become so important.

The GL Dyslexia Screening test administrated at our centre checks the following areas of a child's development:

  • Visual Word Memory
  • Auditory Sequential Memory
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Processing Speed
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Working Memory
The screening takes about an hour (including printing a hard copy of test results and feedback) and is done outside our normal tutoring sessions.  You don't have to be Redwood Scholar's client to make an appointment.

If you think your child could benefit from the dyslexia screening, please get in touch and book your Dyslexia Screening Appointment below.

Dyslexia Screening

Get in touch on: 01777 85 43 43 (Retford Centre), 01302 943274 (Doncaster Centre) 

or book your appointment by clicking a button below.

Request a call back

"Thank you for all the things you have done for me.  First of all I learnt new things which are going to help me in my life.  Also I improved as a student and became better. You are a really good teacher!"

George, Year 7

"Dexter and Stanley have been attending for around a year now and have made a huge improvement.

Dexter has moved up four sub levels in a year (English) and Stanley two sub levels.  

The boys are happy to do the homework set for them and enjoy attending weekly.

Long may it last.  Many thanks"

Nicola, mum of Dexter (age 8) and Stanley (age 7)